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 We are living in an unprecedented time, with a crisis in public health and a crisis in education. Our schools, educators, and families face complicated problems; how to best engage our students in distance learning; how and when to open school campuses while keeping students and staff safe; and how to recover and rebuild financially.


As a Pediatrician with 14 years dedicated to volunteer leadership at our elementary, middle and high schools, I bring a unique perspective that will be critical in helping guide the Las Virgenes District. The health, safety, and education of all children has been my passion for 33 years.  While on the faculty at USC, I honed my leadership skills in my clinical practice focused on an underserved high risk population.  I was responsible for the supervision and instruction of residents and medical students. My pediatric training in disease process as well as the socio-emotional health of children will be a crucial asset to our schools. I have what it takes to improve the future for LVUSD students.

When my children entered LVUSD schools, I set my stethoscope aside and channeled my energies into our schools. The importance of fundraising and finances became immediately clear. I  chaired successful Donor Drives for 4 years at A.C. Stelle and Calabasas High.  As PFC president for 4 years, I improved fiscal accountability and transparency, while funding new opportunities for all students. I actively spearheaded campus improvements at Round Meadow, including the mural in the kinder yard, the shade canopy over the large play structure, as well as helping to raise funds for  the computer lab.  At  Calabasas High, I managed the Media Center renovation and initiated important security and safety improvements, including retrofitting of lockers and the purchase and installation of additional security cameras. 


Listening to student needs and improving communication between schools and the community has been a priority.  Continuing to recognize, celebrate and educate about  our diversity is vital to students' growth and understanding of the world. Fostering a collaborative environment between students, parents, administration and staff has been key to creating a welcoming and thriving community. 

Now more than ever we need active and engaged leaders. We will need to be brave, bold and work together to solve the complex challenges facing education. I will bring a depth of knowledge, experience and proven ability to get things done that our students and schools need today.  


Kate and her husband Nippon moved their family to Bell Canyon in 2005 for the Las Virgenes schools. Ben, CHS Class of 2018, will be a Junior at UC Santa Barbara. Julia, CHS Class of 2020, will be entering UCLA this fall. When Kate is not volunteering at our schools and in her community, or working with the Mini Therapy Horses, you can find her gardening or hiking with her family and dogs in our beautiful canyons.

Please help by donating. Every dollar makes a difference. 

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